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Who is Dr. Moshe Kantor?

Dr Moshe Kantor is a renown Jewish activist in the world. He has committed many years to serving the Jewish community living in foreign countries and ensuring their rights are met. Over the years of his activism, he has been elected by the Jews community as their leader in EHC. Dr Moshe Kantor has helped in the fight against racism and intolerance among the immigrants, and other Jews living in foreign countries form the governments. The immigrants face many challenges in Europe. With an activist like Dr. Moshe Kantor, he can defend and fight for their rights Because of his reputation and leadership qualities, he has been elected as the president of EJC and other organization several times.

Viatcheslav Kantor established World Holocaust Foundation which is responsible for disaster management against the Jewish people. Dr Moshe is not only a respected business figure but also a leader who is loved by the people. The organization established by the activist has helped millions of people. Together with ECJ, the organizations have been useful in assisting people to realize better lives, education, and leadership. The organization are important in preserving the culture and heritage of Jewish.

Besides being a leader, he is also a top business person. He has become known worldwide because of his successful businesses and investments. He has invested in buying artwork form various artists from the world. He owns The Russian Artists of the Jewish extraction. he buys art form schools, museums and other places where the art is stored. Through buying and selling o this art the culture has been preserved as well as passed to other generations. He has promoted newer markers for the art and its price has also increased.

People have accessed various services form the EJC and Holocaust which were founded by Kantor. The organization have preserved the customs and heritage of early Jews. The preservation has been done in the form of art. Some tragic events that happened many years ago are significant in the today’s community. With proper management of historical events, it is possible to remember some events that happened in history.

Under the leadership of Dr. Moshe Kantor a lot of improvements have been realized by the society and the world as a whole. When he served as the president from 2005-2009, it has become possible to enjoy better services. A number of people who lost their properties during the world war II have found them back. These are resources that were lost by Jews during the World War II. He also reinforced for equal rights of the Jewish people promoting reconciliation and preserving European Jews among the people. It has been noted that more people are being treated fairly.