Cane Bay Partners Assist Clients with Financial Product Development

The success of a new product on the market in any industry depends on the need, the potential demand for the product, and whether the product is relevant in all areas or just one location. The financial services industry is particularly risky because what happens next on a global level is uncertain. The political climate, housing market, tariffs, trade, and the threats of wars all affect financial behavior on a large business scale and a personal one as well. The development of new financial services products involves significant research, analysis, and planning.

Product Development Consulting

A team of analysts, business management professionals, information technology experts, and scorecard developers will work together to provide services that assist with product development. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, credit scoring models, market analysis locally and internationally, and research into needs and demands, the experienced professionals at Cane Bay Partners help businesses decide which type of new product has the greatest likelihood of succeeding upon launching. The questions of whether the industry requires debt liquidation, automated underwriting, or collection scoring products are essential to answer before any new products should even be considered.

Production Volume

Businesses also need to consider what original production volume is enough to get industry-wide exposure without risking heavy losses if the product does not capture attention. Predictions based on gaps, room for niches, similar existing products, and what the new product will have to offer are significant components of figuring out the quantity of that first production run. The research, analysis, brainstorming, and experience of consultants as a team will increase the accuracy of the information and inform the recommendations.


Another element of successful product development is knowing when to stay within the current market and when to engage in product expansion. A software product that helps businesses keep track of debt liquidation efforts may be ideal in the US, but not meet the need in the UK. In that case, an expansion will incur more risk than if the product was ideal for UK markets as well. Consulting services can be used at any time to help answer questions before a strategy is implemented by the business.