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Guide to the Best Baby Changing Tables

One of the more essential piece of baby furniture are baby changing tables which is a piece of furniture with drawers and shelves to put baby things in. On top is the right size and padded mats where one can change the baby or do some kind of baby cleaning.

It sounds practical to have one of those in the house so one do not have to either bend one’s knee and hurt one’s back while caring out that chore. It is very costly, though, to own one of these changing tables.

One of the problems of this type of changing table as mom’s soon found out is that when one is changing baby diapers during the wee hours of the night becomes quite impractical. The difficult is when you have to go out of bed, get baby and changing him on the table and after a few minutes, you have to do it again, and it becomes a wearisome task.

There a baby changing tables that come with wheel which can be more practical that then stationary one since then you can move the tables around where you will need it at night. But then, you still have to stand and stagger when you have to do it in the middle of the night.

This changing table with wheels can become impractical if you live n a two-storey house, and you can end up rarely using it or putting it in a place where the baby sleeps at night. Making it not a prudent buy in the first place.

Cot top changers or those plate type trays where one can conveniently bring around almost anywhere even during vacations since it takes up a fraction of space use, and they are light are perhaps the best one to buy. Since these items are cheap, you can buy another to use when you are in the car. Together with this, you can buy a portable bag where you can put your other baby needs.

You can also choose to use changing mats or fabrics that are supple. Although these mats are light and easy to carry, the problem is that it is not stiff enough to be mounted or held on to any hard surface. A changing mat does not have the raised edges that a cot top has that will prevent the baby from slipping out of it.

Cot tops or portable changing tables are also water proof and easy to clean, and they have this antimicrobial agent that prevent the growth of stench. It is stain proof and meets all applicable ASTM, ADA, FDA, and EN global safety regulations and standards to make sure that one’s child is safe.

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