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Memorable Wedding with these Uncommon Unity Ceremony Ideas

Who doesn’t want to get married? The idea of giving and receiving a sacred promise is no equal. Include the applause, the gifts and wishes of the attendees, as well as the superb wedding venue concept – the whole idea would be epic. Even so, you might notice that several unity ceremonies are quite common. Your brother or sister applied it; your best friend used it. The ideas get to become worn out and you like something distinct, most probably exceptional. You have to apply a concept that would be very memorable. A concept that helps when the married life becomes a bumpy road.

Colored Sand is Awesome

Many people like beach weddings. Most people who choose to have this somehow had a great experience on the beach. Possibly, the man and woman’s “forever” began at a particular beach or merely the couple loves the feel of the beach. Thus, colored Unity Sand can be a concept that can be done in a unity ceremony. The best thing about this idea is that you do not have to be on the beach to carry out the ceremony. It can be done in a church, garden, or anywhere.It can be done in a church, garden, or anywhere. Every person who has the role in this type of unity ceremony would be required to have colored sands. One by one they will pour the colored sand into a new container for the couple to keep for all the years of their marriage. The meaning of the concept is pretty obvious. Various memories and experiences will be encountered together by the couple as represented by blending the colored sands. Additionally, the colored sands stand for joining of two persons which would be extremely hard to reverse.

Planting in the Unity Ceremony

Marriage could mean restarting a life with a partner. This new chapter can be equated to a new plant that needs to be nourished in order to bloom. Thus, planting can be an extremely awesome unity ceremony concept for it symbolizes marital relationships that need to be nourished with love to developed similar to a plant that would grow and blossom if taken care appropriately. It can be successfully done when a participant would bring or be given soil in a pot. Different pot for the plant must be there too. The participants would add soil to the pot where the plant is situated and all together they water it.

Teas All In for Unity Ceremony

Another way of showing unity of a man and a woman is mixing different types of teas. Participants of the ceremony should be provided with teas of different flavors and these must be poured into one teapot for the couple to drink. This simply says, “For better or for worse, let’s drink tea together.”