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Mueller Corp: Increasing Understanding on Metalizing Plastics

Plastic components can be coated with metal involving a process called metallization, for mechanical and aesthetic purposes. A plastic component will be more glossy and reflective when coated with metal. Through metallization, plastic parts attain the characteristics which are not naturally present in plastics like electrical conductivity and resistance to abrasion. The use of metallized plastic components can also be used in similar application as metal plated parts but they are lower and they have a higher corrosion resistance. There are different methods of metallizing plastics including vacuum metallization, plating, or arc or flame spraying. Transfer films can also be metalized and they are used to applying into the surface of substrates. Whatever industry you are in right now, Mueller Corp is your number one source of plastic metalized components.

In terms of the process of vacuum metallization, there is washing and coating of the plastic component first with a base coat so that the metal layer will be uniform and smooth. The next step involves the evaporation of metal, like aluminum, in a vacuum chamber using a vacuum chamber and the vapor is condensed into the substrate’s surface, leaving a thin layer of metal coating. It is called the physical vapor deposition, and the entire process happens within the vacuum chamber. In order to increase properties such as abrasion resistance, a top coat can be applied after deposition based on the application of the plastic component. Through vacuum metallizing, plastic components are converted into great automotive parts, component of electronic gadgets, toys, and appliances, and many other applications.

When it comes to arc and flame spraying, there is a spraying of metallic coating using a hand-held device on the substrate. The main force behind deposition in flame spraying is combustion flame, that is driven by gas and oxygen. Coatings can be applied into specific areas because of the easy application, allowing working with unnaturally shaped parts and complex components. The process of electroless plating and electroplating are more effective than vacuum metallization which produces strong adhesion coats, and electroplating used uses electric current while an electric current is not used in electroless plating. Electroless plating is used in depositing copper or nickel metal into plastic substrates.

Mueller Corporation is an expert in vacuum metalizing and other methods used in metalizing plastics, so if your factory or company needs a manufacturer of metalized plastics, we are here to be of help. You can come and visit the website of Mueller Corporation to check their list of products and services now. Mueller Corp is an expert in metallizing plastic components for any application, and you can just provide the design you like. With the use of state of the art equipment and techniques, Mueller Group can help you in meeting your needs and expectations. Learn more about vacuum metalizing and other Mueller Corp products and services through our related articles.

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